Woltermann Marketingberatung

As a marketing consultant offering services all over Europe, Woltermann Marketingberatung supports decision-makers in small and medium-sized enterprises and in the public sector in the development and implementation of integrated marketing concepts. Our core competences are strategic branding, efficient B2B sales marketing and the use of digital marketing operations based on key figures.

In our opinion, strong brands and an innovative marketing service secure long-term customer relationships and acquisition of new customers. Therefore, we work every day jointly with the marketing experts and the sales team of our customers to achieve the best possible communication campaigns for sustainable business success. With great commitment, expertise and innovative technology we rise to the challenge of tasks that change every day in an ever faster revolving marketing world.

Brand Management

Against the background of global markets and associated opportunities and risks in B2B communications, we believe that creating strong brands is indispensable. Once this brand character has become manifest, the real work starts: branding, which is a complex and highly dynamic process that can only be mastered by continuous work. A continuing dialogue and exchange with all stakeholders, first and foremost with our customers, is vital in this respect.

We support you in this task. As an external sparring partner, we analyse your brand core together with you. We work out unique selling propositions of your company and your products or services and transform them into communication messages and appropriate marketing operations.

In addition, we seize the opportunities offered by direct communications on the Internet to continuously monitor your customers and markets. In this way, any changes in the environment of your company are recognised, thus enabling change processes to be implemented at an early stage. What is your added value? We are ready to find that out jointly with you.

Sales Marketing

In our understanding, sales marketing means target group-oriented communications, where we first focus on existing customers and potential new customers. The well-known saying “The bait is supposed to attract the fish, not the fisherman” is an apposite description of the intention of appropriate sales communications.

To live up to this challenge, sound knowledge of the customers is required. What bothers the customer, how does he gather information and from what point should you tackle the buyer decision process? We will give you any support you may need to optimise your sales marketing with a view on your retail customers. With clear messages and relevant content, we continuously trigger crucial purchase responses.

From our point of view, there is yet another target group that must be inspired by successful sales marketing: your sales team. From long-standing experience in B2B communications we know that any communication strategy addressing the retail customer will only have the desired effect if your own sales team is positive about it. This cannot be achieved by creative sleight of hand and marketing catchphrases. The customer service or field sales must be involved in the conception of marketing operations from the very beginning.

The first steps on the way are important to gain crucial customer insights right from the sales department. These insights form the basis for successful communications. For creative implementation, the communication experts come into play. How closely do marketing and sales cooperate in your company? We are ready to create the interface to bring the best from both worlds together.                

Digital Communications and Marketing Technology

We know that due to digitalisation the mode of communication, also in the B2B business and in the public sector, has undisputedly changed and will rapidly continue to do so. Whilst the success of marketing communications in the old analogue world of communications was mainly linked to brand awareness and an increased interest in the product or the services of a brand, now new digital communication channels and online marketing tools have made sure that the entire buying process can be digitally represented and influenced by marketing.

This opens opportunities for your company. An integrated digital communication strategy is truly capable of giving a company the decisive competitive edge in B2B communications. Many companies are reluctant to let themselves in for the opportunities offered by Google My Business, LinkedIn, XING and Social Selling or the enormous advantages of integrated inbound marketing solutions such as HubSpot. Have you already entered the digital transformation? We will gladly accompany you every step of the way, implement efficient marketing tools jointly with your IT and produce relevant and eye-catching content.